Graphic Design 


From hourly rates for one time projects to retainers and subscriptions, we offer a wide variety of options to suit the graphic design needs of your small business.

Graphic Design | Hourly

Perfect for a one time graphic design project, such as a newsletter template, wedding invitation, postcards and more. 

Graphic Design Hourly Rate | $25, billed at .25 hour minimum

Graphic Design | Retainer

Ideal for the small business that has semi-regular graphic design needs and not have to worry about sending payment. Clients on retainer will be invoiced after each deliverable product with the remaining retainer amount.

Graphic Design Retainer | $1000, billed at $20/hour with a .25 hour minimum. Retainers under $500 must be replenished

Graphic Design | Monthly Subscription

For the small business that has high graphic design needs, but is not ready to have it's own graphic design department or employee. Get unlimited designs for a monthly subscriptions fee.

Graphic Design Monthly Subscription | $200/month or 1 year for $2,000 (billed automatically, annually)

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